Enhance Your Tan

Purchase high-quality tanning lotions in Nacogdoches, TX

Many of our clients ask our advice on how to keep their skin healthy and make their tans last longer. We typically recommend applying a high-quality indoor tanning lotion before using one of our beds. Not only will this condition and protect your skin, but it can also help you get a darker tan.

East Texas Tan in Nacogdoches, TX sells all the tanning lotions you could ever want. Simply ask us for our recommendations next time you visit, and we'll help you pick the product that's right for you.

Top 3 benefits of using tanning lotions

Top 3 benefits of using tanning lotions

We recommend that everyone who uses our tanning beds first applies indoor tanning lotion. This will help you:

  1. Moisturize your skin
  2. Get a darker tan
  3. Maintain an even complexion

You don't have to purchase tanning lotions beforehand-we sell all the best ones here. Swing by today to purchase yours. 936-205-1774